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About Gather By

A world first, Gather By introduces a new honey-based agribusiness, incorporating regenerative land-use and innovative beekeeping practises: Utilising our proprietary “Medicinal Honey Forests” (MHF) created from symbiotic combinations of selected high-yielding Australian native Leptospermum plants plus bee-fodder plants, for the purpose of generating chemical free, raw bioactive, Manuka-type, honeys for local and export markets, while prioritising bee health and regional industry and ecosystems. Medicinal Leptospermum plants Gather By’s agribusiness model holistic value chain are Medicinal Clonal Selection (MCS) plants. These plant stocks exhibit dihydroxacetone (DHA) levels, which are up to an impressive threefold higher than New Zealand’s highest-rated Manuka plant. These selected hyper-DHA producing Leptospermum strains are now available for planting and commercialisation. Long flowering season. MCS plants exhibit earlier flowering as well as a broader spread and duration of flowerings. As a result, Gather By’s innovative MCS plants greatly extend the harvesting window to as much as 6 months. Producing high-value medicinal honey. Landholders and farmers have an opportunity to explore or diversify into viable agribusinesses that generate lucrative financial returns and sustainable solutions that address soil degradation and help mitigate risks associated with increasing climate and rainfall variability. Gather By’s unique agribusiness solution is an innovative MHF planting design that produces high-value provenance-guaranteed honey. The design incorporates MCS plants, a range of bee-fodder support plants and regenerative land management practices to optimise honey yield, regenerate ecosystems and maintain wildlife habitat. Global medicine honey demand drives MHF adoption. Landholders who want to continue to focus on their existing produce or livestock mix can incorporate Manuka honey in future land use plans. A key value add to all involved in production is a higher guarantee of medicinal honey supply. Our model and collaboration with beekeepers and landholders creates a new unique supply chain with value for all parties. This is made possible by Gather By’s guaranteed sales channel demand for the quality honey to be produced. Increased Gross Margin. MHFs provide landholders and beekeepers that purchase its MCS plants the opportunity to generate an attractive income from the sales of the honey that their MHFs produce, while concurrently regenerating ecosystems. Conventional farming practices generate returns within a typical range of 5%-9% (based on the DPI market valuation method of leasing rates) and 10%+ from crops on irrigated lands. By comparison, fiscal returns from Gather By’s MHF plantations are more than double (15%-19%) those achieved via conventional farming. Landholders are brought into every step of the design and implementation process. End-to-end supply chain security Regenerative beekeeping practices and protocols within Gather By’s MHF promote an environment that prioritises bee health and maximises yield. Beekeepers capitalise upon honey distribution opportunities and fair market pricing via The Medicinal Honey Channel™, which incorporates quality control testing, strictly enforced storage and packing protocols, and the production of quality-assured honey that is tamper-evident sealed and track-and-trace labelled, for customers to trace its provenance from plant to hive to jar.
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